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Art Director

About ME

Tyler Fleming

A Dallas-based designer dedicated to helping creatively inclined businesses and startups build meaningful brands

I am a graphic designer and brand consultant helping audience-focused businesses and funded startups design comprehensive brands to form emotional connections with their audience and build marketing strategies that scale for growth.

Well that’s a mouthful.

Some people simply call me a pixel pusher; some people call me a design wizard. Some people think I just doodle pictures all day for a living…

The truth is, they’re all right. But mostly, I’m a creative consultant that enjoys working closely with clients to build custom systems and solutions to painful business problems.

I have started companies, launched brands, and worked through growing pains with existing organizations. I’ve hustled. I’ve burnt the candle at both ends. I’ve been so frustrated that I have felt like throwing my damn computer at the wall. I have also led strategic breakthroughs. I’ve seen the amazing effects of hard work finally paying off and the positive effect it can have on your life when things finally click. I understand the struggle because I’ve been there myself.

I’d love to hear what’s holding you back in your business because there is always an answer. And when there’s an answer, the fun begins: creativity can flourish, and design can be not only beautiful, but a meaningful solution.

I’ve spent years studying design, branding, the business of freelance, entrepreneurship & online marketing. I’ve learned a lot over my last 7 years as a design consultant. I’ve learned that I’m at my best when I am solving problems with design and creativity – creating effective solutions that not only look beautiful, but solve real problems and get you to that “business of your dreams” level.

If you’re ready to build your million dollar brand through the power of storytelling, sophisticated design, and tailored marketing, let’s get started.

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A few rules to live by

  1. Take pride in your work
  2. Make it smart
  3. Make it beautiful
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Work smarter, and harder
  6. Have a sense of humor
  7. Don’t hold anything back
  8. Communicate effectively
  9. Respect the client
  10. Don’t make excuses

What makes me tick

  1. Friendly folks
  2. Pretty pictures
  3. Porch vibes
  4. Creative quiet time
  5. Interesting spaces
  6. Foreign cities
  7. A healthy competition
  8. A fresh can of tennis balls
  9. Epic road trips
  10. Fellow creative peeps

Success Stories

Tyler possesses a true eye for sophisticated and solid graphic design. And he is a very talented art director. He excels in the craft of type and font selection – not every designer has this skill. The craft of type is the culmination of the type selection, the type modification and the overall integration of a single or multiple font system to create a unique and sophisticated design. In my opinion, schools really don’t teach this skill, it’s a natural intuitive talent. He’s a great listener and can translate what a client is thinking into a tangible design in quite a short amount of time. His attention to detail, his font skills and his overall talent in choosing imagery culminate to a very well-rounded creative force. He was able to jump in and create a magazine for us in a relatively short amount of time and he performed in very professional manner, making all deadlines and the result was stunning.

Ken Maxwell Creative Director, LDWWgroup

We were struggling to launch our gift store “The Cove” to the next level and a new logo was imminent. We overwhelmed Tyler with all the type we needed to included in the logo and he produced a simple and stylish embodiment of what “The Cove” represents. The logo is modular and can be used in so many different ways. Anytime we need another creative mind to drive our business we will be calling Tyler back!

Zach Jablonowski Owner, Jabo’s ACE

Tyler Fleming has been a great partner in designing the QuadW Foundation website. He learned about our mission and listened to our dreams, then created a site that reflected exactly this. Tyler met our established timeline and budget goals.

He has been available, as promised, for “service after the sale.” For five years we sought a creative yet reliable source for upgrading our website – Tyler is our guy!

Lisa Tichenor Founder, QuadW Foundation

We’re thankful to have found Tyler. His overall design intuitions have been on point for the projects he’s done with us. From logo design to custom hand lettering, we have been extremely happy with the work he’s created. It’s cool to have found someone who studies the all-but-lost skills of calligraphy and hand lettering. I consider myself a bit of typography geek, and the care he takes in the craft has been inspiring to me.

Matt Hopkins Design Director, NBC5 DFW



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